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There are many different channels for finding potential clients. All of them, however, are divided into two categories: traditional or online media. The channel choice depends on your industry, employees, and company strategy. Here is an overview of the five most important channels for creating revenue today.


Referrals are the best way to find a client who needs that exact product or service you are offering. Referrals are usually friends, acquaintances, clients, partners, etc. who often mention quality and satisfaction in their recommendations. If you think about it, no one would recommend anyone who did a bad or sloppy job, would they? That is what makes referrals the most successful way to reach your sales goals.



Search engine optimization is a marketing activity aimed at being seen on search engines with the best keywords to describe your product or service. Almost every product or service gets searched online, your company included. Using specific keywords on your website helps to direct more organic traffic from search engines onto your site. The higher your site ranks on the search engine results page, the more visitors it will receive. All these visitors carry the potential to become your future clients.



Imagine a scenario: you offer a product/service A while your partner offers a product/service B and those products/services are interrelated. In a case like this, it is beneficial for both of you to make a deal to recommend each other. This helps to grow your sales and share marketing costs.


Trade shows, fairs, conferences, courses

All of these are traditional ways of attracting clients. You can easily introduce your products or services to people while they can ask for extra information on the spot, so potential clients can be convinced of the quality and suitability of what you are offering in real-time.


Social media

This includes channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. which are all playing an important role in people’s everyday life. The ads and messages displayed in those networks change people’s behavior patterns which in turn gives businesses great opportunities to build stronger brand images. A strong image and an online presence give you a competitive advantage compared to companies that ignore those channels.


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