Partner Relationship Management Made Easy

Use B2B Sales Leads and Referral Marketing to Scale Your Business

How it works

Sales do not have to be difficult. We know, you also believe that great providers need to be more reachable for everyone. Leadfellow will get you to all of the best people out there. And help you increase sales through precise and useful recommendations.

1. Create your Profile
Create a detailed profile on Leadfellow showcasing your services, products, and the bonus offer along with your proposed compensation.
2. Share Your Profile
Share your profile with potential recommenders by posting your public page on social media or other channels.
3. Invite Referrers
Invite customers, clients, friends, competitors, and others to join you and directly send leads your way.
4. Manage the Leads
Efficiently manage the leads you receive by updating their status in real-time, ensuring that lead senders are promptly notified of any changes.
5. Pay Commissions
Notify the lead sender when a lead is won and payment is received from the client, while also ensuring prompt commission payment to the lead sender.

Why Leadfellow?

Leadfellow is a word-of-mouth channel or personal connection-based system. You have to know the service provider or your referrer. That gives leads high quality and a better conversion rate. It is a human-to-human connection and Leadfellow helps to keep it in the system.

B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth when making their buying decision
Consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations on products from family, colleagues and friends.
Consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision.

Tips and Stories

Driving Sales Success: How LeadFellow Transforms the Process

“Sales leads are essential for businesses, but where can you find them?

Enter Leadfellow. It enables you to effortlessly send and receive hot sales leads from individuals familiar with your products or services.

With Leadfellow, you can easily connect with these individuals and they can conveniently send leads directly to you, and vice versa. It also provides intuitive tracking and management of sales leads and connections.

In short, Leadfellow encompasses a referral system, sales lead sending/receiving, and partner relationship management.”


Leadfellow founder