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How does it work?

Referrer or a

You can sign up as a referrer or a provider. The
referrer has a lead which they pass on to the
provider. If a deal is made between the provider
and the lead, the referrer earns commission and
the provider gains a new client. A win-win-win
situation, for real.

Manage your sales

As a provider, you can easily control and handle all your sales leads. All your leads are in one place and always conveniently accessible.

  • Receive new leads
  • Close your leads more efficiently
  • Manage all leads in one place

Track your perfomance

As a provider, you can easily keep track of your leads, earnings and commission payments. There are no hidden costs you need to worry about – you only need to pay a fee after closing a sale.

  • Overall perfomance graphics
  • Deal status graphics
  • Commission payment and earned commissions graphics

Why LeadFellow?

Sales does not have to be difficult. We know, you also believe that great
providers need to be more reachable for everyone. LeadFellow will get you to all
of the best people out there. And help you increase sales through precise and
useful recommendations.

Solution that makes everyone a winner


Easy and intuitive


Sets earnings before costs


Highest closing rate sales tool


Not too big or complex

Sharing is caring

Whether it is great mushroom spots, quickly available babysitters, fast working coders or seamless internet providers – personal referrals work. They come with trust credit which gives them greater potential to become a working relationship in the future. A referral is the business card for a 21st century business. Still not wholeheartedly convinced? Just have a look here:

B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth when making their buying decision Check source

Consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations on products from family, colleagues and friends. Check source

Consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. Check source

Signing up is free! You can put your credit card away now.

Our pricing


Free forever

  • Closed network
  • Performance graphics
  • Send hot leads
  • Earn commission
  • Raise your income


59/per closing

  • Closed network
  • Performance graphics
  • Receive hot leads
  • Pay commission
  • Grow your business


599/per month

  • Closed network
  • Clients feedback
  • Limited regions
  • Integrations
  • Grow your business



  • Open network
  • Clients feedback
  • Unlimited regions
  • Integrations
  • Hire Referrals

I have always been a believer that relationships matter, that only your actions make a difference, not words. We built this referral marketing software to help all businesses on the planet to grow their businesses as it has grown ours. The current stage is only the tip of an iceberg. The next step is to expand referral marketing among our customers, advocates, and - of course - our competitors.


Marketing Sharks - E-Business Strategist & Co-Founder

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To activate both roles, make a separate account for both. The referral role is free forever. As a provider, you will pay a fee after closing each sale.