Lead generation is a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing…

When it’s not done properly, lead generation can cost your business thousands in lost revenue and countless hours of time wasted.

Not to mention the devastating effects the frustration and disappointment can have on you, your team and your business.

Let’s look at some of the problems poor lead generation can cause your business…

Lead Generation – The Problems 

Poor Quality Sales Leads

One huge issue when it comes to generating sales leads is the lack of quality sales leads…
In an ideal world, you want to generate leads that need exactly what you’re selling and are ready to buy straight away.
But all too often, you end up with sales leads that…

  • Aren’t ready to buy
  • Aren’t aware they have a problem
  • Or don’t have the problem that your business solves.

These people aren’t sales leads, they’re contacts. And worst of all, they can take up all your time and energy. 
Whether because they want to be polite, or they think they’ll get something for free. These people jump on a sales call with you with no intention of buying.
If this happens every now and again, it’s not a problem. But just imagine how damaging this would be to your business if it happened every day.
And believe it or not, this happens a lot when your lead generation is not done properly.

Lead Generation That Targets The Wrong Audience

Another huge problem caused by incorrect lead generation is targeting the wrong audience… For example, do you know exactly who your target audience is? If you had a list of sales leads, could you pick out everyone that needs what you’re selling? Doubtful.
So, what do you do? 
If you’re like most companies, you target everyone on your list…
After all, sales is a numbers game, right?

Well, yes, but is prospecting to thousands of people because a few might need what you’re offering really the best use of your time and resources? Wouldn’t it be better to be able to generate sales leads that you know need your services? Imagine how much more productive, motivated and efficient your sales team would be. And imagine how much this would help your profits soar.

Your Prospects Don’t Know You

Anyone that’s been in sales for longer than a minute will tell you this… It’s easier to sell to a warm lead than a cold lead. Obvious, right? After all, if you go to a shop for a drink and there’s a can of Pepsi or a can you’ve never heard of, which are you going to choose? The one you know and trust, of course. It’s the same thing with your sales leads. If you can generate sales leads that know you and trust you, your life is going to be so much easier, isn’t it? Your sales team will be able to close more sales in less time, you start doing record numbers and your profits will skyrocket… All because you’re generating red hot sales leads. But here’s the thing, most of your prospects don’t know you. And if they don’t know you, they don’t trust you either. I mean, we’ve all been burned with bad experiences, haven’t we? And we all try and make sure not to make the same mistakes again. So how can your business avoid these problems with your lead generation?

How To Generate Sales Leads With Ease

Fortunately, there’s now a solution to all these lead generation problems… There’s a way to make sure your sales leads are all red-hot, top-quality leads. There’s a way to attract the perfect audience to your services. And there’s a way to find prospects that know and trust you from the word go… With Leadfellow.

Leadfellow is a one-of-a-kind sales referral software that helps transform businesses. Leadfellow gives you the power to take full control of your sales figures. We do this by helping you enjoy a constant supply of red-hot sales leads that need exactly what you’re selling. This makes your sales process faster, more efficient, less stressful and way more profitable.

How Leadfellow Generates Sales Leads To Skyrocket Your Business

Leadfellow helps to connect business service providers with their ideal clients through referrals. You see, there are tons of well-connected people and businesses out there who deal with clients that need something they can’t provide… But because they know you provide what their client needs, they refer them to you. This brings you red-hot leads that are ready to buy.

And the best part?

Because they’ve been referred, they’re far more likely to buy from you. In fact, Social Media Today report that 78% of B2B marketers says referrals generate leads of good or excellent quality.
And because these leads are such good quality…

  • They take less effort to convert
  • You don’t need to go prospecting for them
  • They’re much easier to deal with
  • And they’re far more likely to remain loyal customers

So you see, if you can get top-quality referrals, your lead generation and your business will be transformed. That’s the power Leadfellow can bring to your business.

Generate Constant Sales Leads

Leadfellow is an easy-to-use lead management software that makes everything easy to track for you. It helps businesses work together, sharing referrals and generating leads for each other. With Leadfellow, you can receive top-quality sales leads every day and refer leads to other businesses to make more money. All you have to do is sign up as a referrer and a provider and you’re good to go. If you deal with a client that’s not suitable for you, you can refer them to the right business and claim your share of the earnings! And when you receive a referral, you have nothing to pay until you close the deal and make a sale! This means that with Leadfellow, there’s zero risk and HUGE rewards. To start transforming your lead generation and your business, contact Leadfellow today. And get ready for an influx of red-hot sales leads, huge revenue and record profits.


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