How to kickstart your business through sales leads?

Learn how to use sales leads and turn chance encounters into cash flow

The right sales lead makes all the difference. It does not matter where your business is in its life cycle, you need quality sales leads to kick things off, survive and to keep growing. And growing. And grow-ing. Today’s leads are your future clients who help you grow your business. No wonder we all have to take leads pretty seriously, eh?

Luckily, that does not mean that acquiring them needs to be a heavy or a difficult process.
LeadFellow – Sales Management Software is built to bring skilled service providers in touch with people who need them. We also haven’t forgotten the important link in the middle – the referrer. We are here to help you generate hot leads, fast!

Do you want to:

  • Grow your business through referral marketing
  • Find regular, fresh opportunities for the above
  • Kickstart your sales process
  • Avoid problems in your cash flow
  • Make a significant impact on your revenue
  • Increase lead to client conversion
  • Keep your sales and marketing budget down
  • Fill your funnel with prospects fitting your buyer personas
  • Find new opportunities to outsmart your competitor
  • Or even better – make your competitor into your best salesman?

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Oh! And invite your best competitors, clients and other top salesmen
to recommend you!

Collaborate with your competitor.
No, really!

Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive. And you will thank us later.

Collaboration with your competitors actually attracts your target audience. And helps you raise brand awareness. Instead of shying away from competition, you and your competitor can grow the market for both of you. So how does it work, exactly?

What makes LeadFellow special?

Leadfellow’s mission is to help your business increase sales with good recommendations. And to turn chance encounters into cash flow.

Almost two-thirds of sales and marketing leaders put down lack of resources (money, staff, time) as the main factor getting in the way of generating successful leads. LeadFellow does the job for you. As a tool, it was created to solve a real life problem: how to generate hot leads, fast. This means that you don’t have to spend your days reaching out to wrong prospects. As a fast and easy-to-use tool, LeadFellow makes it easy to obtain warm leads. How?


Acquiring sales leads is a strategic process requiring skill and effort. You know what they say – if you take your first step in the absolutely right direction, the rest is all about the pleasure of the journey. A recommendation or a referral is an icebreaker, a conqueror of the first barrier, the remover of the first filter – you have quickly made your way to a point where it would otherwise take a long time to get to.

Referrals work so well because they are pre-qualified. This also makes them into the most common channel for obtaining a warm lead. A referral can be a friend, a partner, a relative, a client, a competitor or whoever recommends you as someone selling great products, services or particular expertise.

6 steps for using competitive collaboration
to grow your business:


Map your know-how (what makes you better than your competitors)


Find competitors who lack that know-how


Draw up a value offer (calculate how much commission you can offer for referring a lead)


Contact your competitor and ask them to collaborate on a win-win basis


Trust LeadFellow to ensure lead credibility and transparency


Grow your client base through referrals

Pro tip:

Ask your competitor about the
clients they need and use
LeadFellow to refer them.
Pretty nifty, eh?

8 reasons to use LeadFellow to grow your businesses

LeadFellow is an intuitive, easy to use referral marketing software that makes obtaining hot leads eas-ier and more profitable. It is a perfect tool for a business that needs to generate hot leads like a boss. Why?


Sets earnings before costs


Keeps track of your sales leads, earning and commission payments


Highest closing rate sales tool


Generates sales leads


Reduces marketing costs and increases closing rates


Obtains more hot leads


Easy and intuitive to use. Not too big, not too complex


Helps right people find you at the right time

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How does it all work?

LeadFellow gives you access to highest quality leads, topped with useful features designed to help you find new clients to keep your business growing. As a product, expertise or service provider you can manage and accept leads. And increase your sales, just like that.

You can sign up for LeadFellow both as a lead receiver and as a lead sender, and earn money with both roles. Think of LinkedIn. When you recommend someone, you will be recommended in return. LeadFellow works on the same principle: build relationships with referrers and become the one who refers others. It is a win-win situation. A win-win-win situation, even.

You can: manage your sales leads

As a lead receiver, you can easily control and handle all your sales leads. All your leads are in one place and always conveniently accessible.

You can: track your performance

As a lead receiver, you can easily keep track of your leads, earnings and commission payments.

  • Receive new leads
  • Close leads more efficiently
  • Manage all leads in one place
  • Overall perfomance graphics
  • Deal status gaphics
  • Commission payment and
    earned commission graphics

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Personal recommendations have become the strongest influencer on the 21st century business land-scape. Not only do we ask our work mates and business partners for product recommendations but also about their opinions on services and customer care. When you get in touch with someone who already has a good image of you or your company, all communication becomes a lot more effective.

Did you know that in 2020 a sales deal usually involves up to eight people? It takes a lot of time and man power to initially make sure you are dealing with the right person. Not to mention making sales and marketing teams work together to achieve the solution you are after. Acquiring sales leads is a strategic process which needs a lot of skill and effort. Most businesses do not have enough quality sales leads to keep them competing on the market and for driving growth. So how can you beat the system?

Getting others
to recommend YOU

As an efficient and clever tool for growing sales, LeadFellow connects your business to referrers and helps you benefit from each other. The acquired sales leads will help you put an end to wasting your sales budget on effortless searches. And of course, to close leads more efficiently.

With products getting more intricate and needing more in-depth understanding, training sales teams takes longer and longer. The result? Generating enough sales does not happen quickly enough. Lead-Fellow takes the effort out the complex process by putting sales materials out there: all accurately de-scribed by your referrers. LeadFellow is smooth, easy and not too complex, just like a perfect sale should be.

Helps you
increase sales

What if you don’t have a marketing department to rely on a steady flow of inbound leads but still have to reach your quota?

When a client of yours recommends you to another potential client, you will obtain a warm lead in-stead of a cold one. This is where your closing rates skyrocket. When you manage to close a deal with the warm lead, you will gain a new customer. (And your referrer earns commission. How sweet is that?) Setting earnings before costs, LeadFellow is the highest closing rate sales tool.

Referral as a
sales channel

To maximise the business potential of your current leads, you have most likely already developed a lead management process for your business. We are sure you have noticed that different lead genera-tion activities help you generate leads of different quality. Now it is your time to ask: how many of your current leads are quality leads and are you really gaining enough sales leads to grow?

Referrals are the best way to find clients who need your exact product or service. Referrals are usually acquaintances, friends, clients, partners, etc. who often mention quality and satisfaction in their rec-ommendations. In other words, LeadFellow helps to pre-qualify leads for you, leaving you more time to do the things you are passionate about.


  • Easy to use referral marketing software
  • Keep track of your sales leads, earning and commission payments
  • Reduce marketing costs and increase closing rates
  • Obtain more hot leads
  • Collaborate with competitors and increase revenue
  • Increase sales revenue with access to quality leads

We know, you also believe that great providers need to be more reachable.
LeadFellow will get your name to everyone in your network.

Transform chance encounters into
profitable relationships

If you want to read how to use LeadFellow as a main tool to close more sales leads and – it might still sound weird to hear it – collaborate with your competitors, read about the success of a digital marketing agency who used two referrers to boost their sales and grow their revenue.

Still in doubt? No need to be! There is nothing to lose. As a lead sender you can use LeadFellow for free, forever. As a lead receiver, you will pay a fee only after you close your fabulous sale. So if you are not earning money yet, there are no expenses to cover.

And this is what we call turning chance
encounters into cash flow!

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