Can a referral software boost your sales?

How the magic behind referral program software is
rooted in what makes us human

All of us – yes, that includes you – are influenced by a number of different factors when it comes to buying products or services. Be it gorgeous design, clever advertising copy, helpful customer support, an amazing brand ambassador or a gift card from a loved one, all those factors influence our decisions.

Yes, a clever slogan can catch your attention but it takes something else to drive a purchase impulse to a successful purchase. But what is it?

A referral from
someone we know

Referrals are the best way to find clients who need the exact products or services your company is offering. Referrals tend to be clients, business partners, friends and other people who bring up quality and satisfaction in their reviews and recommendations.

If you think about it, you also would not recommend a company who did a bad job, would you? So does no one else. This makes referrals and referral software the most successful way to reach your sales goals. The good word spreads. Fast.

Do you want to:

  • Grow your business
  • Acquire new clients
  • Make existing customers happy
  • Avoid problems in your cash flow
  • Earn income from referral marketing
  • Find regular, fresh opportunities for growing revenue
  • Do some good in the world by connecting right people
  • Gain competitive advantage through direct recommendations
  • Or even better – make your competitor into your best salesman?

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Refer your best competitors, clients and other top salesmen and invite them to recommend you!
An easy-to-use referral marketing software makes the process swift and effortless.

referral management software

Referrals work well because they are pre-qualified. This also makes them into the most common channel for kickstarting successful sales. A referral can be a relative, a client, a competitor, a friend or anyone who recommends you as someone selling great products, expertise or service.

What makes LeadFellow special?

  • Leadfellow’s mission is to help your business increase sales with good recommendations.
  • Our referral software lets you promote your products and services through referrals from your existing customer base. Not a business owner? Not a problem. Join LeadFellow as a referrer and share your fabulous contacts with those of us who need them. And earn commission as you go!
  • Did you know that nearly two-thirds of sales and marketing managers put down lack of resources (time, money, staff) as the main reason standing in the way of generating enough successful sales? LeadFellow allows you to simplify your marketing workload and increase your revenue through easy-to-use referral software tools.

If you are well-connected, hooray!
Share a lead to help a local business
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Sign up for free and use LeadFellow for free, forever!

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10 reasons to use LeadFellow to
boost your cash flow

LeadFellow is an intuitive, easy to use referral software that brings right products and services together with right people. Your client will get the best product or service they need, the service provider gains a new job and the referrer earns commission. It is a win-win-win situation.

It is a perfect tool for referring a friend, influencer or a partner program for your business. And an effective way for maximising your word of mouth referrals. Why?

referral marketing platform


Sets earnings before costs


Uses a highly effective marketing tool (referral software)


Keeps track of your sales leads, earning and commission payments


Highest closing rate sales tool


Generates sales leads


Reduces marketing costs and increases closing rates


Obtains more hot leads


Easy and intuitive to use. Not too big, not too complex


Helps right people find you at the right time


Helps you build a richer, well-connected community

How does it all work?

LeadFellow – Lead Management Software gives you access to useful features designed to help you find new clients. In other words, to keep your business growing! As a product, expertise or service provider you can manage and accept leads sent from referrers. And increase your sales. You will only pay for the software after closing a successful sale and you won’t even need your credit card to sign up.

If you are well-connected and want to recommend your contacts and experiences, start managing and sending leads to service providers, and earn commission. It is like happiness. Absolutely free, just based on a decision. So sign up!

In either case, the system will give you access to a central dashboard that is easy to manage and lets you track all key analytics:

  • You can: manage and send recommendations to service providers & earn commission

    As a referrer, you can pass leads to providers. If a deal is made between the provider and the lead, you will earn commission and the provider gains a new client. A win-win-win situation, for real.
  • You can: manage your sales leads & track your performance

    As a service provider, you can comfortably control and handle all your sales leads from one place. You can easily keep track of your leads, earnings and commission payments.

  • Receive new leads
  • Close leads more efficiently
  • Manage all leads in one place
  • Overall perfomance graphics
  • Deal status graphics

referral tracking software

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Do you know when was the last time someone searched for that exact expertise you have? Was it last month? Five minutes ago? How often have people talked about your business today? Remember that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. (There is -data- to back it up!) Your clients want to refer you, so make it easy for them.

Influencer campaigns and personal recommendations have become the most powerful direction setters in today’s marketing industry. We ask our friends, lovers and business partners for product, service and customer care recommendations. Approaching someone who already has an upbeat image of your company doubles the effectiveness of the communication.

Recommend others and
get others to recommend YOU

LeadFellow connects your business to referrers and helps you benefit from each other. It is is influencer marketing at its most direct.

With products getting more multi-faceted and needing deeper knowledge, training sales people takes more and more time. Is that a bad thing? Kind of. Because it gets in the way of generating necessary sales fast enough. LeadFellow makes the process effortless by placing sales materials out there: all neatly worded by your referrers. LeadFellow is quick, efficient and takes you right to the point, just like a perfect recommendation should do.

We know, you also believe that great providers need to be more reachable for everyone. LeadFellow will get your name to all of the best people in your network.

Still not sure whether referral software would work for your business? Read this success story about a digital marketing agency turning 2 initial recommendations into actual cash flow.

Now this is what we call turning connections into revenue!

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