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Success Story: Marketing Sharks

Marketing Sharks is a family business founded by spouses whose combined experience in IT and Sales & Marketing surpasses 40 years. The slogan “Hungry for your success” stands for the passion that thrives the business and processes within the company. We believe that sales does not have to be hard and that collaboration holds the key in every industry. Have you ever thought that your competitor could be your top salesman?

The Challenge

Help our sales team close more sales leads

Generate more hot and high-quality sales leads (e.g. ready to buy leads)

Collaborate with competitors on a win-win basis

Reduce marketing costs

Why LeadFellow?

Easy to use referral marketing software 

Keep track of sales leads, earning and commission payments

Reduce marketing costs and increase closing rates

Obtain more hot leads (referred leads are more ready to buy than cold leads)

The Solution

  • LeadFellow gave us a kickstart to grow our business through referral marketing
  • Collaboration with only 2 competitors made a huge impact on additional revenue
  • LeadFellow was the second biggest marketing channel to acquire new leads (SEO was no 1)
  • Our marketing budget is 0 € thanks to the in-house SEO knowledge and referral marketing (LeadFellow)
  • Customer acquisition cost emerges upon closing the deal


over 200 quality leads

150K € extra revenue

closing rate 20%


Marketing Sharks is providing high quality digital marketing services and new media marketing solutions since 2012. Our teams consist of highly skilled designers, programmers and specialists with extensive experience in social media, SEO and marketing. We Love What We Do and We Do What We Love!

INDUSTRY: Digital Marketing


HQ LOCATION: Tallinn, Estonia


I have always been a believer that relationships matter, that only your actions make a difference, not words. We built this referral marketing software to help all businesses on the planet to grow their businesses as it has grown ours. The current stage is only the tip of an iceberg. The next step is to expand referral marketing among our customers, advocates, and - of course - our competitors.


Marketing Sharks - E-Business Strategist & Co-Founder

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