Our Story

LeadFellow was created to solve a real life problem, many businessmen have faced. Here is the story of how LeadFellow was born.

I’m Diana and I have been working with B2B sales for over 15 years, primarily in the fast-changing online marketing field. My husband Tanel has a strong IT background of 18 years and is working mostly with online marketing such as SEO. Together we made a great team by combining our skills and started an online marketing company, which was named Marketing Sharks.

Throughout the 15 years of experience in sales, I noticed something. There was a problem with sales. This problem was especially apparent in narrow and specific fields. Exactly like our new company Marketing Sharks, where the products is complex and requires thorough knowledge. Finding salespeople was difficult because of long training periods and this, in turn, didn’t generate sufficient sales fast enough.

As most new companies, we started with cold calling companies ourselves, to generate leads. In theory this should’ve worked excellently. It’s because sales calls are still one of the most effective ways to generate sales and they haven’t gone anywhere.

However, like I and probably most salespeople have noticed, sales calls were way more effective, when I called someone who has a positive image of the company. This is most likely through a recommendation from a friend or business partner etc.

And there it is, the problem itself. How do you get your customers or partners to recommend you to others and generate leads? That is why we created LeadFellow to solve this exact problem. We wanted something that helps businesses and referrers to connect and benefit from each other. Something that is efficient and helps to grow sales.

In 2016, LeadFellow was created with the basis that a customer of yours recommends you to a potential client and you now have a warm lead instead of a cold one, where closing rates skyrocket. When you manage to close a deal with the warm lead, you will gain a new customer and the referrer earns commission. A win-win situation, isn’t it?